Saturday Music Interlude — Tina Malia performing The Lost Frontier

During times of stress and anxiety I have often turned to music.  I spent a good part of last year taking care of my father due to the blood disease that would eventually take his life this past December.  On those days that I sought both insight and contemplation I often came back to this song.  It spoke to me through both poetic and aural pathways that words of sympathy and condolence could not, though those also helped to lighten the burden.

I later looked up the lyrics to the song and Malia’s vision for it and her album by the same name, and it became clear why I connected with it.  “‘The Lost Frontier,’ according to Malia, “… highlights the cyclical nature of our existence and the far extremes that lie within it.  The wheel is merely an observer as we move through revolutions of creation and decay, hope and despair, beauty and destruction. ‘The Lost Frontier’ is about acknowledging and understanding these different aspects in life and remembering that we have the power to choose what we do with that knowledge.”