I Predict A Riot (of measures)

Going over the NDIA IPMD Program Management Work Group’s Predictive Measures Guide draft, which is out for comment for those of you who are members of NDIA (that is, the National Defense Industrial Association).  If you aren’t and “play” in this market, it is a worthwhile group to join, which has transformed itself into the leading edge organization of project management professionals in this sector that are committed to consolidating and advancing the methods and literature.

As might be expected, the first version of the guide is a fairly exhaustive compendium of the accepted measures used for project management performance measurement in the industry.  My team and I will have a few comments after fully digesting this first version–and as stated previously in this blog–many of these measures, while accepted, have not been fully tested for their qualitative fidelity to prediction.  That, of course, is a different job and not necessary one for this group.  Still, this is important work and starting with what we have–and knowing how those measures are derived and what they inform–is the best approach.  This is important work.