Saturday Music Interlude — Rosanne Cash performing The Long Way Home

Johnny Cash’s eldest daughter caused a stir when she hit the music scene in Nashville, shaking up the traditionalists to tell idiosyncratic story-songs that crossed country, folk, rock, and what become known as Americana.  Rather than walking in her father’s shoes and riding on his reputation, she has carved out a place in the musical pantheon on her own.  Her new album, The River & The Thread is mesmerizing and it is hard to pick out any one song above the rest.  But, in the end, her voice and her stories speak to us in individual ways, which is the strength of her music.  For me, the standout is “The Long Way Home.”  It speaks to those who have left home in search for their place in the world, which describes most Americans.  Oftentimes we find ourselves retracing our steps.  For her it is deeply personal.