Saturday Music Interlude — Moby and Cold Specks Performing “A Case for Shame”

A leading exponent of electronic and ambient music, Moby has fused traditional folk and earlier music traditions into his techno vision.  Now with the album Innocents he brings voices, acoustic, and conventional electric instrumentation into the mix as organic elements at the core of his music that grounds and humanizes it.  In the case of the following version of the song “A Case for Shame,” which is significantly different from the album version (which follows below it), Cold Specks’ voice, sounding much like a huskier Norah Jones, is an instrument in itself that glides over the guitar rhythm and sets the tone for the song, which is a dreamlike contemplation on the ephemeral nature of existence.

The more highly produced album version is here:

This is introspective, beautiful music and just the tonic for modern life.