Saturday Music Interlude — Lana Del Rey Performing West Coast

Nom de guerre for Elizabeth Woolridge (Lizzy) Grant.  She sprang on the music scene two years ago, though her career seems to have begun about four years earlier, sporting an affectation of a chanteuse out of ’40s and ’50s film noir that was equal parts derivative and forward leaning–a strange mix that made it hard to tell if something was really there or if she was just another privileged and connected kid on a lark.  It’s hard to peg her, mostly because her previous albums have been all over the place.  Is Lana Del Rey a projection, an alter ego, a fantasy?  I’m reminded of Garth Brooks and his occasional forays into Chris Gaines territory.  Thus, perhaps she is all of these.  This makes her unique and she seems to be stretching herself in new ways.  Now if she can only stop saying stupid and petulant things in interviews so we have a chance to see her talent and vision mature before everyone tires of the act.  Along these lines, having the Black Keys’ Dan Auberbach on-board as producer seems to have kicked it up a bit; and provided much needed consistency music-wise.  He seems to have found and shares her vision on what, exactly, Lana Del Rey is.  Consequently, I can’t seem to get this song out of my head.  The video, though, is pure minor league and lazy, an immature narcissistic romp that completely ignores the mood of the lyrics.  Perhaps this is Ms. Grant’s doing, perhaps not.  Try listening to the song with your eyes closed and enjoy.

One thought on “Saturday Music Interlude — Lana Del Rey Performing West Coast

  1. Lana Del Ray has a smooth mellow voice for certain. Although I am not a music person by a long shot, the vocals, lyrics and music combine to create a nice listening experience.
    The video is a weak presentation.


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