Saturday Music Interlude — Lera Lynn performing “Lying in The Sun” and “My Least Favorite Life”

Lera Lynn is a singer-songwriter who is presently out of Nashville.  According to her short bio she was born in Houston, Texas, but raised in Georgia.  She earned a B.A. from the University of Georgia in anthropology and tried out her musical chops in the rich musical scene of Athens, Georgia.  For those of you who are watching season two of True Detective, her music is used over the credits and she has made several cameos in the bar where Colin Farrell’s and Vince Vaughn’s characters meet.

Apart from the Hollywood connection, which has catapulted her into a kind of fame, Lynn is an extremely talented artist.  Her music stays in your head, its intelligent, thoughtful, and clever lyrics slowly revealing the nuance of their meaning.  Some of her other music can be found here.  What follows is a live performance of “Lying in the Sun” at Music City Roots Live at the Factory and the audio of “My Least Favorite Life” from the True Detective soundtrack.

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