Sunday Music Interlude — RIP Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen passed away on November 7th in Los Angeles.  His impact on poetry and music over the past 50 years is immeasurable.  So broad are his accomplishments in these artistic spheres that it is very difficult to summarize them in a simple blog post.  As such, for many readers of his poetry and listeners of his songs, the way that he explored both human emotions and the human psyche are deeply personal.  His insightful songs have been covered by pop, rock, jazz, and other music artists across genres, and they have embedded into our culture through movie and television soundtracks, through music played where we shop and eat, and in our memories and the inner voice that speaks to us.  These songs speak to us because they are decent, human, and honest in their simplicity.  As with all great artists, Cohen records all aspects of the human experience in poignant, largely introspective, and thoughtful ways.  He will be missed and one can find an overview of poetic and music legacy at his website.





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  1. RIP, Whenever I feel overwhelmed and need to put it into perspective, a little Leonard Cohen always seems to show the way. Beautiful meditations on the human condition.

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