Over at AITS.org — The Human Equation in Project Management

Approaches to project management have focused on the systems, procedures, and software put in place to determine progress and likely outcomes. These outcomes are usually expressed in terms of cost, schedule, and technical achievement against the project requirements and framing assumptions—the oft-cited three-legged stool of project management.  What is often missing are measures related to human behavior within the project systems environment.  In this article at AITS.org, I explore this oft ignored dimension.

One thought on “Over at AITS.org — The Human Equation in Project Management

  1. Very interesting article. Per the article, the human dynamics of project stakeholders and members AND the setting (decision environment/available options) are strong forces in the probability of success in a project. Often, we overlook these factors and narrow our focus on the tangible factors of the project (cost, schedule, functionality). Thus, we are not achieving a full understanding of the holistic project. Insightful article. Thanks.

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