Nicholas Pisano is a retired U.S. Navy Commander.  He is an acquisition, high tech, project, and logistics management executive with over 30 years in positions of increasing responsiblity and complexity.  Effective leader and manager with forward-looking perspective.  Committed to continuous improvement and innovative ways of accomplishing immediate organizational goals and ultimate objectives through the application of smart management, inspirational leadership and the latest technology.

– President of SNA Software LLC, a leading project management software solutions provider
– Member of the NDIA PMSC – Head of Contracts Working Group
– Member of the PARCA EVM Experts Working Group
– Member of College of Performance Management (formerly PMI EVM CoP and former board member)
– Community leader – Co-founder and Vice President, Nob Hill Albuquerque Main Street organization, 2009-2011
– Member of City of Albuquerque’s Veterans & Military Affairs Advisory Board, 2009-2013

Mr. Pisano holds a B.S. from the University of Maryland (honors, Alpha Sigma Lambda), an M.S. in management from Pepperdine University, an M.A. from the Combat Studies Institute of the Army Command and General Staff College (honor graduate), and is a graduate of the senior executive program of the Colgate-Darden School of Business of the University of Virginia.

Specialties: Leadership and Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Sales, Earned Value Management, Project Scheduling, Logistics, Contract Negotiations, Contract Law especially under the FAR and DFARS, Acquisition management, Software design, Info Systems Management

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  1. Nick, NIce blog. As a long time blogger with close to 20K followers, you’re going to want:

    1. Provide links to the blog you list on the right, so your readers can click through.
    2. In the blogging business you’re going to want to use the “creative commons” copyright and allow your readers to freely copy and reuse your materials with – or possibly without – attribution. Otherwise you’re setting yourself up in the position of legal enforcer” rather than “thought leader” with important things to say.


    • Thanks Glen. Still learning how to set the page up. I used the copyright notice that came from WordPress but I assume this is not the one. I’ll check out your site–do you have it up there?


      • Yep works good. See you in San Antonio?

        Glen B. Alleman Niwot Ridge LLC glen.alleman@niwotridge.com Defense | Space | Energy | BioPharma Performance-Based Project Management®

        From: “Life, Project Management, and Everything” Reply-To: “Life, Project Management, and Everything” Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 5:49 PM To: Glen Alleman Subject: [New comment] About

        WordPress.com Nick Pisano commented: “Thanks Glen. Still learning how to set the page up. I used the copyright notice that came from WordPress but I assume this is not the one. I’ll check out your site–do you have it up there?”


    • I just included the CC badge on the page in lieu of the standard cc notice by WordPress. When I go to my site externally I get links for the blogs listed on the right. Can you not click on them? If not, there must be a setting that I’m missing.


  2. Good luck with your blog, Nick. I see that we have similar tastes in music, as well as our professional thoughts. One suggestion: provide an RSS feed icon so that folks can subscribe using their favorite reader. If you’re not using the Jetpack plugin for WordPress, I recommend you check it out. It will let you add a lot of features to your site, for free.


    • Thank you for the practical advice. I will check out the plugin. I’m still a neophyte using WordPress so suggestions and critiques are always welcome.


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